Off with your Head..Young Man


If Beheading is going down ..Might I suggest...

If Beheading is going down ..Might I suggest...

I am sitting here watching TMZ.. and looking at the bloodthirsty tactics they have been using to hang Chris Brown..who by the way has clearly did a good job on his own of committing public Hari Kari. I would like to preface this by stating first and foremost that nobody is in support of a young man beating a woman.. That is not what this is about BUT.. damn.. what do you all want to be done. Should we take it back to the 13th century and have him disembowled at the Town Square. Perhaps we should attach ropes to his nuts and tie those ropes to horses so he can be murdered by dragging or Nut Snatching … I see and hear my own friends like’ “Uh Uh grrrrl they need to kill that nigga”. Have we forgotten he is 19. I cannot tell you the bullshit i got into at that age especially in regards to relationships gone awry. I mean at that age I had already done waaaaaaaaayyy more damage to folk than the bruises you observed on Umbrella carrying Rhianna. I have done so much that half of it I cannot discuss for legal reasons “real talk”. If i had been publicly skewered like this dude. I would not have been able to get help or fix my issues because I would have been to busy fanning away maniacs, who lusted for my destruction. I know sistas are angry , hell i am angry having survived a few domestic altercations myself (of course I have more chunk ems than young rhi rhi) but this is somebodies SON. When someone offers prayer to both parties , people draw back in disbelief.. “HELL NAW PRAY FOR RHIANNA , FUCK CB.. I would strongly suggest to all my peoples with teens and kids to NOT.. put ALLLL THE effort into wanting murder committed against Chris Brown. Teach your daughters to also choose their battles and don’t provoke , just as you would suggest to your boy as I do “that there is never a good time to hit a female. I once pulled a live 380 on a brother I was dating and we squared off. Did my mother coddle me and say, ” that nigga ain’t shit , hittin on my poor baby”. No she cussed me out for being stupid , someone could have died and here I am playin “Nigga i’m gon’ shoot u” because I was young and foolish and probablly thought that shit was cute. How about preach to your kids and teens about not being obsessed with each other at such a young age. They both had careers and lives , these kids were doing things. My son is not allowed to date like that yet. He is 14 but I don’t think it’s cute to have some little hot tail girl over here grinning when my son needs to focus on studies and skating.. YES SKATING.. LOL.. he is serious so i make him approach it as a business.. Group dates cool, female friends , great. None of that obsessive crap.. OH I can’t live without you. Nigga u are a minor therefore the only sista you cannot live without is me lol! I am your air. I would have preached to the both of them that they should focus on their careers and being young adults. Of course date and stuff, but it was the Obsession that had poor Rhianna reading a 3 page text from some yamp , and it was clearly Obsession that made him put his foot in her ass like that. I don’t vote for him to go to prison. Most of ya’ll have never been there, so it’s easy to suggest that. I look at him and see my son , I see a brother who tore his ass and needs to figure out WHAT OTHER TALENTS, he has because he has totallly fucked up his career. He is looked upon as a pariah now.. I would also tell his mama to lace up her boots because she is gonna be molly whopping mofos in the mouth for screamin on her about her son.. I know i will cut a bitch behind my boy lol.. okay that was my rant for the day.. sorry for some of the profanity , but I was feeling passionate.. luh ya’ll mwah.. beejizzle..

1 thought on “Off with your Head..Young Man

  1. Wow, very well written. I totally agree with what you have said. As far as your son is concerned i understand that as well. My son is almost 15 and i wish i could keep the girls away from him. I want to thank Finse for telling me about this site. Keep up the good work. This is a great site.


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