The Adventures of Young Nak..

well now it’s always a joy to see what your sweat and tears has begat.. I mean yeah like I really taught him to run in front of cars and pepper his mouth with such delicacies as “FUCK”  .. but i digress.. I present to you , the fruit of my loins.. my joy and inspiration.. Young Nak

courtesy of  The Hundreds.. Enjoi

 awww these motherfuckers done made it impossible for me to embed my own white folks.. well anyhoo.. here is the bloody LANK

fixed it..look up lol

1 thought on “The Adventures of Young Nak..

  1. i don’t know more like “nigga of your loins” and for all you bloggers that don’t know the “BANGER SISTERS”, they are get-to to the fullest!!!!!!! i’m not surprised he’s using such foul vocab… i been cursed out by both the “BANGER SISTERS”.lmao. luckily not by both at the same time. shit i need a restraining order for NESS now! lol(no, fa real…) i would stop fu@k!n wit them but they swag is outta here, and they got soul….
    great post…
    peace to the “BANGER SISTERS”
    bang on baby, bang on!!!!!


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