How do u like your eggs? …

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Fall 2009

I have chosen to place this in the Art section for obvious reasons.. although the tights  and shoework will work well off of the runway.. I tried to submit my “rib tip bandage dress” but no go.. I am going to holler at Margiela now.. to see if they are interested in this chittlin skin clutch purse.. I am pushin.. OOOhkkkaayyyy! ( u will see what i mean by eggs after the cut)

Courtesy of  Today and Tomorrow





3 thoughts on “How do u like your eggs? …

  1. I’ll take the red gingham sunny side up egg dress. too fuckin kute. fashion forward….bitchez fashion forward.


  2. Prada.Classy.Sexy.Individuality.
    I will take one of each dress and adore the neon orange tights. they look as though they have been painted on.


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