These days television is flooded wih reality show bullshit, which I do watch for a good ass laugh I’m not even going to lie. But, its also a relief that cable networks such as HBO and SHOWTIME are the homes to many different well written and enjoyable series. We all loved shows such as The Sopranos, The Wire, Sex in The City and many others. Season after season they kept us hooked with our dvr’s at 100% full with no space. Although the 3 shows mentioned above have come and gone, they have been replaced with other series that are just as addicting.
Here we have three new shows to check for. The first being new to air on HBO starts March 29th at 8p.m. Its called “The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency”, which is based on Alexander McCall Smith’s book series which is titled the same. The show chronicles the adventures of Precious Ramotswe starring Jill Scott , who is the proprietor of the only female owned detective agency in Botswana. With the help of her secretary Mma Makutsi played by Anika Noni Rose (Dreamgirls), she investigates cases and helps people solve problems in their lives.
The scenes from the trailor looked interesting and with the fact that its being filmed in Botswana….I definitely think its going to be a good show.

2nd on my list is Mr. Jonathan Rhys Meyers himself as King Henry VIII on “The Tudors”


I can not wait for the return of this show on April the 5th. This will be the third installment or series if thats what you want to call it. The Banger Sisters have been watching this show since it first aired on Showtime 2 seasons ago. We are so addicted. Who wouldnt be tho, when there are beheadings going down at the town hall square everyweek. If you know a little of history then you know that King Henry thee 8th was no fuckin joke. The Tudors is off the chain in more ways then I can mention. The costumes of that time are also ridiculous (in a good way). Believe me when I say that its just as raunchy and raw dawg as a reality show……..but ultimately better.
Just a lil something about King Henry:
Henry was never intended for the throne of England. However, the death of his older brother Arthur at the age of 15 and his taking of his dead brother’s bride, propelled the young prince into the limelight and laid the foundations for one of the most spectacular reigns in English history. The young Henry VIII was an artist, musician, theologian and sportsman — the perfect Renaissance prince — but the failure of his first wife Katherine of Aragon to produce a male heir brought out his darker side. Henry could be cruel and capricious, using arbitrary execution as an instrument of Royal policy. In his bid to produce an heir, he would dismantle the established church in England, loot its posessions, and set himself up as an absolute monarch. By the time of his death, his desire to maintain his own magnificent dynasty had seen him marry six times, deplete the nation’s coffers, and cut a swath through the English nobility. Yet a new age had been born in the fires of change and through the years had transformed a Renaissance prince into a sickly, overweight tyrant, his rule marked a sea-change in the fortunes of England.

Last but not least, my favorite series on the Boob Tube right about now is “THE UNITED STATES OF TARA” One woman. Multiple personalities. Sounds like me. Ha ha


This series is currently being aired on Showtime every sunday at 10p.m. It’s awesome. I think its brilliant and well written. Its funny and full of real issues that are out right in front of us but instead of getting the big picture we act as if it doesnt exist and often run from the poblem or put it behind us, never really dealing with the real problem at hand. That’s where these multiple personalities step in and take over. There’s Tara the working mother of 2 who is really sweet and paints nursery murals, but sometimes doesnt feel like herself. We have Alice who is a perfect homemaker (she reminds me of a stepford wife) and believes in good ol’ traditional values. Then there’s T a pot smoking wild child who thinks she is a teenager that enjoys wearing g-strings as outerwear and takes pride in stealing lip gloss from local drugstores. Finally, there’s Buck whose a fan of motorcycles, beer, tity bars and fist fights. I’m a big fan to all the mutliple characters. Toni Collette is doing a wonderful job of playing each part too. Transforming into one character can be difficult enough not to mention 3 additional ones.

SO……there you have it a brief wrap-up oF the series to come, return and currently running. Check em’ out. I’m sure out of the 3 you will find 1 that you like and interest you. Have a good one and thats all folks. Kutttttttttt……and scene!!!!!

1 thought on “STAY TUNED

  1. great post , i’ will be watching pon’ April 5th , with a bottle of Chablis and nice fiyah joint.. off with her head…. ooohh henry.. lol


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