Well it seems they have pushed my boy JADAKISS album back once again. MTV news recently caught up with Jadakiss and he did say that although Def Jam pushed the album back he is still currently recording songs.
In addition to working with producers like Swizz Beatz and Pharrell, Jada has also included Mary J. and Nas for his new project. The song with Nas is entitled What If and Kiss said “Nas nailed the verse” and called the song “an uppercut”. The song with Mary J. is called Grind Hard and Kiss said “The record is huge”. He also promised that the songs that didn’t make the album would be on his mixtape…….wich is petty dope by the way. The Banger sisters been had that in heavy rotation for about 3 months now.
The album The Last Kiss, was originally going to be titled Kiss My Ass, but was changed in hopes of having a better chance in retail outlets. Nas did the same thing when last year he released an Untitled CD after changing the name from Nigger. Nas later released a mixtape titled Nigger and Kiss followed suit when earlier this month he released a mixtape called The Champ Is Here Pt. 2: Kiss My Ass.
The mixtape was hosted by DJ Green Lantern and marks the first time Green Lantern and Jadakiss have worked together since Jada put Green, Eminem’s official tour DJ, on speaker phone while being videotaped. While on the phone, Lantern sided with Kiss in his beef with 50 Cent and was fired from Shady Records.
There is currently no release date for the album The Last Kiss so
mean while……….go cop that KISS MY ASS mixtape. Its well worth it until the actual album gets released.
Industry rule number fo’ thousand and 80: record company people are shady. Best said by Q-TIP.

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