Okay so this used to totally be my Favorite book when I was a young un.. that’s why today in my head I am the queen of all the ferocious beasts..that I have created…. (sticks out tongue)


Where the Wild Things Are?

Dropping EVENTUALLY lol supposedly Fall of 2009, but I did want to reveal the uber cute poster..AAAahhhh.. tee hee , Hopefully this comes out soon..

Maurice Sendak’s children’s book is being bought to the silverscreen via Spike JOnze..    This is phenomenal ; Spike is an epic director .


His music videos are classics, Pharcyde (Drop) backwards craziness lol, Ludacris (Get Back) remember the big ass hand lol.., Biggie (Sky’s the Limit) Beastie Boys (Sabotage and others), the list is endless go here for his full situation.  His skate video direction is crazy too giving us such classics  as 2004‘s Hot Chocolate, and the more recent Fully Flared (2007) for Lakai..    He also co-owns Girl Skateboards and there has been a statue of him erected on the Moon.. lol.

His rendition of the children’s classic is going to be super.  It’s a 80 million dollar extravaganza….. One of the main Monsters is even being voiced by none other than Forrest Whittaker.. I am so excited.. Spike opted for actors in costumes to potray the monsters as opposed to CGI or Animation… Yaayy that choice caused some post production issues but I believe they have solved them .FOR

Go here to check out the new “Where the Wild Things Are“,  Girl Decks … Merchandizzze…


and for your entertainment.. The sick intro for that Fully Flared Video , i was speakin on.. this is old.. but it’s ridamndiculoussss… lakai or die bitches..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Fully Flared Intro – High Definition“, posted with vodpod

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