Stand and Deliver…



…..but the No Doubt version’.. Now I am not a major fan of No Doubt and I am not  a hater.. I am just a sista who is up on Ms. Orange County’s ode to curved nails (a’la the ghetto) coupled with her second hand chola steezy seasoned with her 2 tonisms.. lol..  She put this shit together and now she is a fuckin “icon”. I ain’t fuckin with u though gWEN, me and my girlz are the authors of your style.. thank the hood bitch lol.. I rock my curved nails and I am labeled ghetto or non fashionable, U do it and you are a fuckin innovator.. (blank stare)..ANYYWAAYYZZ..LOL.. Read more about this song fuckery over at MTV.COM . Click over and get the real thang babay..

Adam and the Ants next page..

 OMG.. Adam Ant was my God back in the 80’s , well maybe my King ,as Prince was my God lol.. anyway.. here is 1981’s Stand and Deliver..


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Gossip Girl , (another show you won’t hear about here)…is doing this 80’s tribute show and No Doubt is playing a band called Snowed Out where they will do some kind of rendition of Adam and The Ants “Stand and Deliver” I am sure it will be acceptable.  Just don’t make it a single.. please.. So class the thesis of this post is STAND AND DELIVER.. Not NO DOUBT.. NOT GOSSIP GIRL.. take dat ass somewhere else for all that Chace Crawford bullshit.. mwah..(wink)

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