It’s that song….

And here I an thinking that Gorgoroth was the best thing out of Norway… who would’ve thunk….!


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Madcon is a dynamic duo comprised of 2 Brothers from Norway. They have been a factor on the European airwaves for awhile , having been founded in 1992. Tshawe Bagwa and Yosef-Wolde Mariam made their mark in the Nordic music industry in 2000, with the single “God Forgive Me” ,(Virgin), but garnered commercial success with longtime collaborator PaperBoYs , on “Barcelona” in 2002. Their first album , 2004’s ” It’s all Madcon” won them a Norwegian Grammy and garnered several other industry accolades. They have opened for stadium filling acts like, Destiny’s Child, Alicia Keys, 50, Wu, Red and Meth and even provided tour support for hiphop’s legendary jazzmatazz kings, Gangstarr on their last European Tour. In 2007 ,Tshawe participated in Norway’s version of “Dancing with the Stars” and guess what, my dude won. Madcon then released the re-working of Franki Valli’s “Beggin” and it is a smash hit, it is historically the only urban song in Norway to ride atop all of the charts in Europe not only dominating the “urban demographic, but pop and international as well. Hell I did not even know they had a damn “urban” anything in Norway.. Let’s be frank I have travelled the world …and did not know that they had Niggaz in Norway..on me.. lol.. They have a whole lot of other accomplishments but this is not wikipedia so check their resume over yonder…. I do believe that they will be releasing their second album over here, in the US, “So Dark the Con of Man”.. whoo i love the EPMD inferences lol.. I guess “Con” will be in every album title.. They should do some shit with Consequence and call it the “Con on Con” or someshit right? lol anyhoo.. enjoy these brothas…


America has been introduced to the Afro- Norwegians via Addidas’s House Party Campaign. which is right below me LLOOVES IT.. (i am sure you have seen this commercial already, probably have the shoes.). BUT. in keeping with the cohesiveness of “The Banger Sisters” steez I had to complete the circle and show you what the hell we were talking about in the first place .. ya underdig!!!


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