Now see it’s time to fall back..

That’s right girl, go on and work Ken-yonnn, nah I know this is just for the shoot and that shit got to be re-turned oookkkk.. or they gon’ charge up the credit card.. don’t forget to tape the shoes on the nah I am sure that Trina’s shoes and lacefront have been paid for per her.. I mean that’s what’s important.. after all she is the baddest bitch..(right) , As for this bad interpretation of “chic” as my boy Dwight would say, “How Dreadful”..
Umm Umm Umm


oh god i think I am done.. just enjoy more pics after the jump and observe the destruction of one bad ass shoe..

Thanks ybf for the hookup


 Helllo Lover: IT’s The Spice Shoe..

see i love these but you have to be careful with that stacked heel in the front with the sandal… it’s like the hook up the bottom to extend over and it looks like your toes curled over.. it takes a certain foot and I ain’t sure Trina’s are the hooves (ya dig)..



All Louis Vuitton.. although on Trina..does it really fuckin matter.. (rolls eyes)

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