Obama’s and Herb…

Hell naw.. no government in me sensimillia.. so I for one am happy!!!!! They tax everything as it is already. We dont need em’ taxin the ganja. 
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Can you imagine either going to the dispensaries or local spots( for those with out the proper consent) and you paying to get a gram or an eighth and they throw that 8.25 tax shit on there. Well….if you a major bud head like the banger sisters, you gone be mad as HELL. For me and my fellow stoners it’s already LEGAL. We never have a problem getting what we want when we want it. So again…….I suggest we dont go opening up a can of worms, because do we really want them throwing taxes on the trees we blowin? Just some Herb for thought.

More pics and shit


checkout his presidential swaggggggggg


  who wants ice cream?????


As a tribute to our president of the United States, Russia has come up with an Obama ice cream. Hopefully you are not offended by the lil choclidite figure they have used for advertising. We think its cute.

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