When You Wish Upon A Star…..



Sensi Star is one of the strongest Indica’s that you will ever encounter. It’s been a First prize winner in the Highlife Cup and first prize winner in the Hightimes Cannabis Cup. She produces powerful, compact buds, crowned with legendary amounts of resin. The dense, strong and characteristic aroma speaks for itself. She is one of worlds finest cannabis strains, and has successfully become the new standard in growing. Sensi is definitely a real shooting star.



6 thoughts on “When You Wish Upon A Star…..

  1. gggeeetings from jah… oh yeah.. i am gon’ roll a zone up , call tyrone up.. if he got something on it..


  2. looks sweet… my ss are in week 7…

    live this strain… big fat buds full of trichomes, that ganja will knock you out 😉


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