Skankin with NERD ,Santo and Jimmy Fallon lol.. kickitup

see we talked about this.. the SKA and punk influences are distinguishable. Pharrell so gets it.. .Catch up people.. I love this..
More.. Ska, punk and vintage Santi after the

jizzump.. OH U WILL ENJOY..UNLESS ..OH NO.. U. U R NOT A POSEUR R U? ((clutches Selecter buttons in chagrin)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


 as promised vintage Santi White.. Stiffed “A day with Andrew..”


Stiffed “What you gon’ do”

Okay so this next set of vids are some of the ingredients , I think that created that wonderful “NERD” joint.. nO he didn’t sample them but I bet he listened back in the day and was influenced by that shit, and that’s what begat the dope shit he produces today…

Dead Kennedys

  So catchup and.. if you up ..that’s dope..this shit is mad old lol.. but it’s G Status.. btw.. check the banger sisters vod.pod to the left of the page (pause)>>>>>>and check out some more vids.. everything from fishbone to curtis mayfield, or chaka khan.. man fuckin with us you liable to hear some Tyrone Davis, or some EEk-a-Mouse.. lol If you’re loyal you will fuck around and GET SOME SCENE..MWAH…

Bad Brains-Then..this is like 79-80 I think


The Specials-Gaaanngstersss…

This is just one to grow on.. MTV Awards when they had those suites.. in 2007. ..well this was one of my own favorite performances.. Foo Fighters..(with Pat Smear ok), and Serj (SOAD) .. Observe Serj’s boogie.. thank you

The re-working of “Holiday In Cambodia”

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