Nixon does it again..



Well I am still trying to acquire an authentic Nixon Kareem Campbell Gold Player watch from yay back.. Kareem is my brother lol. yet i still ain’t got one .. hell that was 10-12 years ago dammit .. anyhoo.. these rubber nixon joints will suffice and the price is right $170.OO.. unfortunately .. the two start up colors for this campaign (red or blue)..ARE ALREADY SOLD OUT.. Nixon will release a new suprise color the 15th of each month until  June.. so go here..Nixon… and find a dealer near you.. or reach out to Ebay.. baybay with the hot watches or somebody because these are the business..

New from Nixon, please welcome a unique new interpretation of one of our most iconic designs: The Rubber Player. Beginning March 15th, 2009 Nixon’s “4 x 4” will introduce 4 Rubber Players in a single colorway to the world. On the 15th of each month from March to June a new surprise color will be released. Participating shops will be shipped only 4 Rubber Players each month. Each surprise color will be kept secret. These will be the most sought after products in our line, and we look forward to sharing them with you. Mark your calendars!

This new Iconic collection will be sold exclusively at* and in participating shops. For your convenience, we’ve provided a list of shops to choose from in our Dealer Locator. From there you can search by city or postal code.

*You will be limited to 1 Rubber Player at purchase.

One of Nixon’s classic time pieces goes “Iconic”. Did you know The Player has been in our watch line for 7 years holding its swag this season with 9 colors for The Player – mens, 10 colors for The Small Player – womens and 2 colors of The Ceramic Player from our Elite Class. The Player has been one of Nixon’s top selling watches for over 5 years and continues to be one our top selling watches for 2009. Next season we plan on introducing 3 new colors to keep your taste buds salivating.



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