Officer Ross makes bust in Medellin…

just kidding.. well Bookman is going to continue to push his “i move major weight”  line “hard” as he films his newest joint from the “Deeper Than Rap” album, “All I Really Want”,  in Medellin Colombia. oh yeah and The Dream but ya knew that by now.. *

Heavy Sigh* Oh run run get the yayo..

I guess he was over there picking up some work and decided to shoot a video in the interim.. u know.. that’s good though gettin it here by way of basic mule is played out.. nigga servin in the new millenium via the video shoot , let’s be creative ..shiittttt put the work in the camera lenses.. up the models asses, i mean the options are endless.. hell rick could get a key or two under one of them big ass titties of his.. dream_ross2 Shit that Tranny lookin chick in the back could probably keister something large too.. lol.. i ain’t mad though Fight 50..don’t let the nigga “ja rule” u.. fight (gasp) u can win.. lol until the real Freeway Rick gets out and squeezes that scrilla up out yo big ass for using his name and shit.. aahhh ONE TIME TO THE LEFT.. (banging on the cell bars )lol) his album is not that bad though.. on me lol

The Dream..(rolles eyes) I like his music but I hate calling him that lol.. seriously .. dream_ross3

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