well played Amber..well played……………..

Ad for Louis Vuitton Don

Dons: $990 one Svedka Vodka robo bitch: $I don't know but I bet it's a Grip!!! even though she is cheap!

more pics , next page..




Well these are really great photos.. and i hate to talk shit but exactly how much dick does one have to suck to acquire a nice Louis Vuitton Ad.. OMG..CLEARLY .. ms rose has that fantastic because prior to him this bitch was swingin around the pole in some Solid Gold Fredericks lookin shit.. *high 5* bitch **Upgrade ..okkkkklol) imagine u wouldn’t have to do much for those Stephen Sprouse Graffiti shades.. . i’m just asking for my friend lol.. j/k.. i don’t trick for THINGS.. that’s corny…lolkanyelouisred

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