Intergalactic Planetary………………..


All is good when the planet’s are aligned… and all is really good when you can snatch a cool nug of your favorite galactically inclined herbage , stick it gingerly in your bowl.. and BLoooooowww!!!



Now access to these beauties is pretty much given exclusively to those with Medicinal Marijuana cards.. you won’t find naan planet at “the spot” on the corner that Big Pook and them run.. No these nugs will generally run between $80-130 an 1/8…. but  it’s worth it ..  I mean there are lots of other things you can do with that money.. like pay the light bill, get your hurr did, find some marked down kicks, well the ideas are endless , however “round here” we always choose “the kindness” lol.

Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter are three of the most beautiful strains of Indica readily available.  My personal favorite of these three is Jupiter.. usually purchased at Apothecary420 here in LA…


Peace to the Earths…..

The most potent of all the Planet’s quite naturally would be Planet Earth.. The Earth is always the most important and most powerful.. and such is the same when this rule is applied to toking.. Earth OG is very woodsy with a smooth texture. No coughing and no blunts for this one. 

 In fact I would suggest going on a “solo bowl” mission because this shit is too expensive to be hotboxing are spreading amongst 5 heads with nothin on it .. lol.. One properly rolled joint will last you all day because it is mos def the two hitter quitter.. These buds are dense but crumble easy though I would still employ a solid grinder to ensure proper breakdown.. Anyway .. if you got it like that and am not part of the “beef jerky strebo crew” get your self down to the Apothercary on Beverly and get beamed up…

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