Balmain BAby,

Many fashion houses have relied heavily on pulling  influence from past cultures and create and develop templates for their avant garde gear.   . Balmain is one such fashion house..

When I see Nicholas Ghesquiere’s work for Balenciaga , or pieces by  L.A.M.B, or Vivienne Westwood, i always smile at the respectful nod towards  street fashions of yore. Heavy sigh.. The “I don’t give a fuck” swagger of a young Siouxsie Sioux to a kick ass dose of Punk from hell,  Wendy O’ Williams.      I see strength in Alexander McQueen and revel in the fact that I was there for the first round when Annabella offered it, ( I was young dammit lol) but i was there. And the adult “translations” of  my teenage Bananarama steez and  Grace Jones boldness all wrapped up in a high ass package. Well that’s just   awesome to me.   OKAY NOW.. back to the garments at hand I digress, ahem.. Get into right about NOW..

Balmain pieces have currently been seen on “urban” fashionistas a la’  Beyonce , Ciara, and Rhianna and have also been precariously draped across Kanye’s shrugging shoulders .. The kit is gothic with a slice of punk  with an edgy sleekness.

courtesy of

strapped harem pant $3595 printed cotton tank $575

printed cotton tank $575

Balmain (French: [balmɛ̃]) is a fashion house that was founded by Pierre Balmain.

In the period following World War II, Pierre Balmain was “a king of French fashion” and outfitted stars including Ava Gardner and Brigitte Bardot.[1] After Pierre Balmain’s death in 1982, the house was led by Erik Mortensen, described by Vogue as Pierre Balmain’s “right hand.”[1] Oscar de la Renta led the house between 1993 and 2001.[1] Under Pierre Balmain, Mortensen, and de la Renta, the house was known for its classic, luxurious designs.[1] Until 2011, the house was led by designer Christophe Decarnin, whose vision for the house is more modern and edgier.[1] In April2011, the fashion house announced that Decarnin was succeeded by Olivier Rousteing[2](pronounced: [ɔ.li.vje ʁus.tɛɲ]). Go here to read more on The House of Balmain.

Military shirt. $1515

all u need to know is $10, 435

cropped silver motox pant $4275

cropped leather motox pants $5190

It’s amazing how shit repeats itself.. but that’s alright with me lol.. HA IT’S CRAZY.. could u imagine paying 5000 dollars for the shit we used to put together back then lol.. HELL NAW..


no bitch, this is not Cassie.. ANNABELLA

Wendy would have thrown up on it ..

Deborah Harry.. she helped pioneer this.. as MC Shan would say...

Anyhoo if you can afford to fuck around VOILA.. tell em the BANGASISTAS sent ya lol.. and also : U BALLIN ..U NEED TO GO ON AND CONTRIBUTE TO THIS SITUATION RIGHT HYEAH LOL… just kidding .. Happy Shopping..

BTW : Did I mention that the creative director for Balmain is a 25 year old BROTHA.. Mr. Oliver Rousteing.. 

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