L.A.M.B…. Gwen Stefanie..

For the gyal stuck between being Rude and rollin with that Lover’s Rock..

second half from a better angle..

LAMB SPRING 2011 AND i got 5 on it tooo lol

alright Gwennie .. i might forgive the whole FISHBONE THANG..lol,,

2 thoughts on “L.A.M.B…. Gwen Stefanie..

  1. I like some of her pieces, but some of that just did NOT belong together (Mariah Carey callin the dogs note)….shrugs.


  2. i hear ya she hit the bong and began having Consuela cut fabric lol.. i love those haremesque pants though.. from everyone Balmain, L.A.M.B , FUBU LOL.. who ever got em i am in lol


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