Tip Drill..

Now I am mos def  a DIY type of girl.. I have my toolkit and my own drill.. You never know when you may need to screw or unscrew something. It works well for bed posts , cabinets, you know things of this ilk.. It can also be a great weapon when there is no time to get to the yammer lol..  I really thought i was doing something  BUT THEN……………….. AAHHHH (heavenly angels)..

I saw this

 Bosch made this limited edition Swarovski-studded IXO cordless screwdriver lately to celebrate the IXO becoming the world’s best-selling power tool, with 10 million units being sold since 2003. Only 2000 of this special edition screwdriver have been made, and each comes festooned with 470 Swarovski crystals. Read more about this hot number on Bornrich.org. The ticket for this mug is $470 bucks.. If you can afford that you probably have a staff of repairmen to hook up your screws and shit.. so I don’t know.. but it sure is fresh…

Look at this cute little case and whatnot.. I WANT ONE!!!!

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