9th wonder has always been a champion of Hip Hop Music… … His beats introduced us to Little Brother, later we got into his actual “flow” as he rhymed under the moniker “9thmatic” ..  and from there he just MOOOVEED FO’WAHD LOL.  Patrick Douthit hales from North Carolina and has collaborated with the likes of Murs, David Banner, Erykah Badu, Lil Wayne, one of my favorites Jean Grae and Mary J.Blige, just to name a few.. We will speak more on 9th Wonder later… or go here and educate yourself..hell if u don’t know this nigga by now.. then i don’t know how u found this blog lol.. This HERE entry is about the one and only ,RAPSODY.. hailing from North Cackalack as well, and is currently positioning herself for mic domination in the near future..She comes from the Kooley High crew and is now going for DELF..   It’s about time.. and although she is humble i will be the ‘HATER” AND say loudly.. get the fuck outta here Nicki Minaj.. bow down to a “real” emcee.. Styles are on deck, Chops are present, subject matter relevant.. even when there is no “real” subject matter.. It’s just awesome to hear a real emcee carrying on in the tradition of real B-girls everywhere.. (respective nod to the likes of T-Love, Medusa, Bahamadia, and YES LIL KIM.. i am talking about real tangible lyrics.. that ride the bass and hi-hat in a syncopated rhythm akin to MC Lyte, or a vintage Latifah.. She has got bars and recognizes that STYLIN is what gets your mic hot not ASS injections or pop saavy backdrops.. We : SuperbNess and myself Bamboobanga, BJ for short lol, love love love this chick.. She’s fun, cute in an approachable manner, and FUCKIT .. A GOOD OLD FASHIONED DOPE EMCEE..  She released her debut solo effort “Return of the B’Girl” in December of 2010,  and has been featured on various situations , while being guided and produced seamlessly, by the maestro himself 9th Wonder.. Please put your hands together or bounce ya mouse pad up and down.. for MS. RAPSODY’s first single  Hella High, from her forthcoming new album “Thank H.E.R. NOW”, It  drops June 21st on JAMLA/IWWM. Go THERE and purchase it on June 21st also check out  to download free mixtapes and situations.. u can find her there as well…  we will remind u doggies OK…   NOW after the kut u can listen to her older joints and clutch ya pearls because U WAS NOT KNOWIN LOL.. okay as u were.. gotta go out here and see if a sista can come up on one of these Prince.. tickets.. UHHHH YEAHHH LOL..

Kooley High.. 09 roughly lol

u can just hear that 9th Wonder… shit lol

EXTRA EXTRA.. (FROM “THANK HER NOW”.. it’s coming)prod. Khrysis

u sparklin ( Return of the B-girl)

Honda Accord Music.. (what no Bentley’s or G5’s .. WHATTT)

u know this just makes me appreciate a good hair wrap.. straightens that shit right on out lol.. HAHAHAH..

WE DIG IT GIRL.. love it..

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