Until we meet again Jamie Starr…..

Not to date myself but I first fell in love when I woke up one Saturday morning to find my mom’s wine glasses in the living room by the Stereo.. u remember the one with a turntable and it looked like a long dresser.. U could store the albums in the cabinets of it.. lol.. ANYWAY .. mom’s had had some of her friends over the nite before and they sat in the living room listening to For You all nite… .. I remember staring at the album cover like WOOWWWW .. I put the album on and a whole other side of Heaven opened up. I believe I was 7. I was onboard.. seriously ..                


You are leaving our fair city tonite..The Banger Sisters got to see YAAAYYY for the umpteenth time.. and it was special…. But WE WILL MISS U . can’t wait for u to comeback…

PRince Fans only beyond the Purple Kut… *wink*

Classic Prince here folks.. He will probably get maad and snatch shit down.. but we ain’t on his radar yet so.. ENJOIII.. lol..

SUPER VINTAGE.. what u know about Annie Christian

Amazing Cover of D’Train’s “You’re the One ” this was my shit back in the day.. and Prince and Sheila.. I mean have no words.. 

What set it off: 21 Days from here (in groups of 3 shows per week ) lol.. this is when we got our tickets like this minute LOL..


pic courtesy of one of the homies @www.prince.org

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