Wow.. Barneys tripped LOL.

So.. the story goes as such.. Wiz and Amber stepped lively up and through Barneys New York of Beverly Hills.. Apparently Wiz spent 16,000 on shoes for Amber and HER FRIENDS AND FAMILY .. *blank stare*.. Ok .. so anyhoo he spent alot of dough .. and proceeds upstairs to the SUPER EXCLUSIVE men’s section.. where he was promptly IGNORED.. except for the muhfuckas who followed him skeptically as if he were a thief.. WOMP.. wow and I thought with that crossover bullshit “I Roll UP” that even the White Folks knew who Wiz was..SMH Well I prefer old Wiz.. sans Amber.. and btw ANGELA YEE ain’t never lied HOES B WINNIN LOL..  check out his older doper shit .. after the Kut.. 


Wiz and Currensy.. remember this shit right hyeah

rollin up anotha one staring out the window……


Burn after Rolling fa sho..





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