The Song of Ice and Fire… George R.R. Martin

We have been meaning to start this expedition for a minute but then HBO did such an awesome job with the show.. We immediately put a rush on the need to have all 5 books.. BTW.. I love BOOKS, fuck a Kendle lol..

HBO Scene’s after the Kut

I am a total sci fi/fantasy geek .. I was so excited for these to be made into a series, albeit apprehensive.. these things can get totally fucked up in the process.  For full info, book and chapter breakdowns, political maps of Wisteroos, ALL INFO REGARDING THE SONG OF FIRE AND ICE situation.. Go here.. Tower of the Hand it’s an awesome site and will get you started. There are even back episodes with breakdowns over there.. Get ye to the site .. or I will have your head on a spike.. Word to Ned Stark..

Lookout for Lisa Bonet’s husband .. and my baby daddy Khal Drogo.. he is my all lol.. and he pulls a muhfuckas tongue out through his NECK… YESSSS

I will take two please.. but I ain't eatin no damn horse heart ... lol

Oh yeah and Jason Momoa will also be portraying Conan in the remake designed to make us forget about Schwarzaneggers bitch ass!!  WORKED FOR ME LOL!!

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