Happy Born Day.. Guru.. you are still missed.. Today he would have been 50!!

I gas that ass and then ignite YA!!!

More Guru and GANGSTARR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The one that started it All

THEY GOT HIS EYE ON THE GOLD CHAIN… that the next man was wearin!!!!

I was raised like a Muslim, prayin to the East………………………..


Lemonade is a popular drink, AND IT STILL IS…..  Dwyck with Nice and Smooth.. WHAT ELSE DO U NEED ..  I MEAN REALLY.. of course i couldn’t cover ALLLL OF GURU’S JOINTS.. however.. this should get ya started .. Break out those Jazzmatazz CD’s, spark something.. and GO..

i see u over there giggin.. gettin ya Greg Nice on lol..!!!

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