These are awesome..although a sista might have to place them in the etagere lol.. yes i am country we have one LOL.. These are too damn high to be skating around in. I love Keith Haring.. he was the consumate artist.. I have a huge (print lol) of Free South Africa in the office. I really love how the Fashion Houses are keeping him noteworthy.. Allow Nicholas Kirkwood to step in. You have seen his shoes on Nicki Minaj, Beyonce’ , Rachel Zoe, and Foxy swears she stays in em. (however per that last shoot in the WonderBra i might beg to differ lol).. They are funky and the heel is quite recognizable from 4 blocks away lol.


Thanks to the folks at for this little Nugget of info.. Check them out.. I stay there daily lol…

check out random Kirkwoods >>>>>>

hee hee hee Keith is crazy..Peep where the hand is hahahahah!!!!!!


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