Dammit I used to simply love this movie .. and i also loved Stan Ridgeway…(Wall of Voodoo), let’s pause in observance of Francis Ford Coppola’s “RUMBLEFISH”…

Everyone was in it.. Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane, Nicolas Cage, Dennis Hopper, Laurence Fishburne, Dennis Hopper,  Vincent Spano, Chris Penn

i mean damn… It’s a classic if you don’t know now you knowww NIGGA!!!!!

The soundtrack was amazing…. Don’t Box Me In was a classic!!!!


Here is my Ode to Rusty James and them…

Here’s a snippet.. ..what an awesome movie.. makes me yearn to be like 13 again LOL

Gotta Love Motorcycle Boy!!!

5 thoughts on “RETURN TO THE CLASSICS..

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  2. I’ve been smoking weed since I have was 15, I’m now 27.

    For those who think bud smokers aren’t driven or sensible,
    I’m living evidence that is not correct.


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