Chubbs is a fool… NUGGETRY ALL DAY!!

this is one of my favorite dispensaries.. It’s in Santa Ana and theY have a wonderful array of Waxs MeLTS, and Edibles…. in addition to the bomb KINE..

Wow.. and the prices are phenomenal..They even allow you to have CHOICES when choosing an edible..  A CHEF … prepares both SativA and Indica Edibles.. wowzers..  I believe they have 2 locations.. the budtenders are honest and knowledgeable.. and they give you space to choose your meds.. AWESOMe..

This Bitch right hyeah is available right now.. at Santa Ana

if i lived closer I would probably fuck with them, ALL OF THE TIME..

A NUGGETRY VIDEO with CHUBBS.. AND MORE.. AFTER THE KUT.. and how to get to em!!

Chubbs is also a true stoner.. you can follow his video logs Youtube…Marijuana Reviews..     Here’s a classic from 2010 .. where he couples your cereal with the type of herb it compliments LOL.. .. He has newer eps..but this was one of my favs..


Chunkle... this was the truth... SERIOUSLY..

My choice of herbage from this spot was the Chunkle.. OG.. coupled with that young Chunkle Super Melt.. JUST AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

chunkle super melt

They have a really impressive stash of Wax and herbal situations there.. Check them out..

Don’t sleep on any of the strains here because although you have smoked say, Skywalker.. The Nuggetry brand of SkyWalker will put you on your ass.. Even the mid grades are incredible it’s a NUGGETRY THANG I guess.. Go there and tell em sent Ya…Here’s:

The Menu and whatnot!  and follow them on twitter.. @nuggetry 


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