4:20 Post for Weds… it’s 4:40 but fuckit LOL

Okay so i know last week we hit u with At the Drive In.. but I really am toking to this song!!! Love the Mars Volta.. worship Omar Rodriguez ..muhfuckaz.. !!!

I have totally been on my Prog Metahhl shit lately lol.. !!!!

This is from ScabDAtes.. it’s a classic.. from 05′ a completely live joint..that is FIYAH!!! Go purchase this Gem on AMAZON.

Find out what I am smoking after the KUT…..

keeping it funky with the Apothecary420..it’s my regular spot guys , what can I say LOL!!!

Today we are rolling with the Diamond OG and half French Cheese (my favorite indica dominant hybrid).. both can be procured at The Apothecary on Western and Beverly..

bye bud muffins..

these could be doctored..BUT OH BOY IS IT FUNNY!!! The Biebs on Bud hahahaha…


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