RIP Nick Ashford.. oh boy here we go….

How unfortunate.. I can’t see Valerie without Nick.. just doesn’t seem right. like Ruby Dee without Ossie..

Rest in Peace Nick.. if you don’t know who this is SHAME ON U..

valerie and nick have only penned some of your favorite classic joints!!!

And don’t ever forget that Nick’s hair was always laid like an emcee after Rock the Bells, laid like a cotton field down south smh.. LAID..AIGHT!!!!

This performance is from the annual Sunset Junction street fair in 2006, which by the way has tentatively been cancelled (more on that later).. BOOOO..

More Nick and Val…

It Seems to Hang on!! LOOSE ME… LOOSE ME..





CLASSIC MATERIAL HERE FOLKS.. not to mention all the joints they penned for others like, Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrel, Diana Ross, Teddy Pendergrast, Stephanie Mills..i could go on.. take yo ass to Wikipedia.. i am not here to educate you on LEGENDS … lol..

Black LOve.. IT WAS REAL.. no reality show.. no paydays for weddings … no publicists in re: to their marriage..JUST BLACK LOVE.. and talent.. wow…

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