Kendrick Lamar………………… A.D.H.D…………….

I have been listening CONSTANTLY to ,  Mr. Lamar since like  May or June….

I am very impressed with this young man because I am very familiar with the area that he was raised in and the types of traps he could have fallen prey to.     These streets don’t usually produce young brothers this swift.  He is on some “other” and we dig it and bamboobanga keeps Section 80 on Rotation.. …

Two of my personal faves Rigamortus and Hiipower are classics … the entire joint is good.. ONE MO’ FOR THE WEST COAST …

If youhaven’t hollered at Section 80 yet.. “For real”.. (sucks teeth) Take it to Itunes.. do that ..

and now, Compton’s own...Kendrick Lamar.. follow him on Twitter,  in his Vashtie Kola directed video ….ADHD


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