Soo I was with Will. I . Am one Day… Jimmy Iovine

This is going to be a good view.. AOL.COM  has put together a web series of  featurettes, based on Executive Steve Stoute’s book ” The Tanning of America”.. I’LL SAY IT’S BEEN TANNED.. huh..

JayZ , of course..(don’t you remember when he wouldn’t talk lol).. Pharrell, Lady Gaga , and Jimmy Iovine (who sounds so “carsalesmanish”) lol.. all discuss how  they have provided assistance with certain branding and the distrubution of swagger  to  mass media and pop culture via their snazzy urban influence. HA

Respectively.. LOL..  Jimmy breaks it down about the “hardware” of it all and the birth of Beats by Dre expensive ass headphones and speakers.. .  *sidebar* they are the shit though LOL>.

I will be watching ..check AOL.. and go buy the book ..not the fucking Kindle download LOL..

OF COURSE. you know who Steve Stoute is if  you are coming here.. LE SIGH .. although..OK.. JUST CHECK OUT HIS RESUME’ HERE..

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