The Golden Age of Apocalypse…Thundercat..

wow I mean the West is really WINNING !!!.. This cats story is so amazing.. He is down with Flying Lotus another love of ours here at Bamboobanga420

Stephen “Thundercat”Bruner has provided bass support for acts ranging from Erykah Badu to Suicidal Tendancies (FUCK YEAH ALL I WANTED WAS A PESPSI) ahem but I digress.. ..

He is the man for the bass right.. but this is the endearing thing.. the brotha lives off of Crenshaw and Olympic , rocks a headress like nobodies business.. (well other than HIS homegirl Jack DaveY).. and is serving Steely Dan vocals with jazz fusion, a huge dose of his own shit, Stanley Clarke with sprinklin of George Duke.. In fact here is his interpretation of George’s classic ” For Love I Come”..

More from Thundercat after the Jump HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!



Thundercat with Flying Lotus

Follow him on twitter..@Thundercatbass

Daylight and Boat Cruise are mos def of note on this and it ain’t bad that the girl Erykah Badu shares some funk with him on his debut.. The Golden Age of Apocalypse.. with Flying Lotus behind the production wheel I look at it as a cross between Return to Forever the Romantic Warrior joint and N.E.R.D , a dash of Sa-Ra with a little Jdavey backwash..even.. .. Just’s good.. and that’s all I know..  Go cop it. or go to whatever Music spot you frequent…

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