We’re livin in the last day..we’re livin in the last days…. Organized Confusion..

Wow.. So.. books are now about to become extinct like basketweaving or hunting and gathering our food.. WHAT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!.. it’s all remakes and reality TV show’s and now NO BOOKS..

It’s about to be The Book of Eli around this bitch.. Let me hide my book collection now.. BEFORE THEY COME FOR INSPECTION .. Grabs The ISIS PAPERS, ART OF WAR, AND FLEES.. i will come back for the rest smh …Check out the new book free dimensions.. the shelves are shorter in width so..NO BOOKS.. Read the Rest >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

IKEA is like shooot we are are already on this EARLY!! Check out their new book shelves which are to store everything BUT books.. You are supposed to shelve knick knacks , whatnots and do hickees but no BOOKS.. so… there you have it.. THE FUTURE IS AWESOME???? Thanks to the MS. Shani  Stewart..  for the heads up and the link..  .. we were just discussing this on twitter lol

Furniture giant IKEA will debut a new version of its classic BILLY bookcase that is intended to store everything except well-thumbed reading material, a report says.

Coming out next month, the tweaked bookcase will feature deeper shelves      meant to display “ornaments, tchotchkes and the odd coffee-table tome — anything, this is, except books,” the Economist reported.

Read this full story on the obliteration of bookshelves by THE NORWEGIANS LOL.. you can’t curl up with a Kindle thingy and a cup of cocoa I AM JUST SAYIN!!!!!! 


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