One day it will all make sense…Common

Rapper ,Vegan, Actor, Activist and now Author…

Lonnie Rashid Lynn’s memoir will acquaint you with the beginnings of “Rash” which lead to Common Sense.. (for the og’s) then Common.

Read about his upbringing in Chitown with his mother, Dr.Mahalia Hines  and things that give him passion ..He will lament about life in Chicago, being raised without a father, the ladies, etc.. but it is not a boring read.

One Day It Will All Make Sense.. is cowritten by writer, Adam Bradley.

This Harper Collins/Astria,  published narrative will take us through Chicago back in the day, where a young Common hooked up with NOId and formed CDR . He breaks down the meanings behind songs and lyrics and basically presents his full story to the reader. It’s out now..

You can go to Amazon right now.. and cop both the classic album AND the book dammit!

Damn he is fine is this Pic LOL..

Check out the Retrospect for Life video feat. Lauryn Hill after the break…

This song was featured on Common’s 3rd  album “One day it will all make sense”..

In the book he breaks down the makings of this classic joint about life vs. abortion..

Love N’Bushe in the video.. we just don’t see enuff of her..

Check out a wonderful interview with Common’s mom Dr. Mahalia Hines on




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