Pass the Courvoisier…ROSE’????

For all those that like takin’ that YAK to the neck check out the new Courvoisier Rosé. It’s a smooth, refreshing taste with notes of blackberry, black currant, and a touch of cherry as well as vanilla, honey, and vine-peach flavors. Courvoisier Rosé is made from both Courvoisier cognac and premium French red wine grapes. Here’s a way for the wine lovers and cognac connoisseurs to kill 2 birds wit one stone all in the same bottle.
Courvoisier Rosé can also be enjoyed straight with no chaser.
If you haven’t tried cognac before this would be a great starting point.

More about Courvoisier Rose

This aint your Average Cognac – Some people are turned off by the strong taste of cognac while few people can’t handle their liquor altogether. You can be the judge by pouring your own troubles.

The cost is about the same as a regular 5th of Yak or Henny would be. That aint nothin’ to you real drinkers out there. Hell you can always piece up wit the homies and at only $24.99 for a 750ml bottle, that makes Courvoisier Rosé a real steal.

Check ya local liquor sto’ , liquor bank or bev mo’…..and please DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

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