Snakes in the Grass… SNAKESKIN ALL FALL..

Mitchell and Ness Snakeskin Lakers Joint $400.00

Well now.. Fall is upon us, time to put away the Herve Leger bandage dress (will that fucking thing ever die) and the booty shorts. No more platform sandals for ladies and v-neck T’s for brothas,  will now need the Pharrelesque cardigan to compliment.. as it’s getting nippy..



Not since the 80’s have I needed to adorn so much snakeskin.. I mean damn I long for my EK’s with the snakeskin on the side and my matching curve Nails with Snakeskin all over in Avocado Green..YESSSSS… I won’t be going back to that and neither should you ..but ladies and gents. allow me to introduce you to the SNAKES.. you should not avoid..

check out these boots.. you could certainly “push it along” in these joints..


Snakeskin VANS and more after the jump.. 

just wanted to share these. they are from 08 SO GOOD LUCK !!!!



If you need these joints to … !!!



These you can get.. at least they are from this year.. NiceKicks.Com

This is how Marc Jacobs feels about it!!!

photo courtesy of

these are from 08 too.. but Ebay is always that young option ..


Ok but look what I found on Ebay ..not in my size though..BOOOO..

Huf/Vans collaboration.. Half Cabs.. Snakeskin only 40 bones..THERE IS HOPE PEOPLE !!! loL

Clearly I need a lowkey Snakeskin Van Post.. I had no idea this was going to get this deep.. Now every lady is not obsessed with Vans the way I am .. I mean I am an old skate betty Let’s look at some other options for the more ADULT WOMAN .. Should be me.. but I AM GETTING THERE DANG IT !!!!

OK ladies.. you see the RED BOTTOM.. therefore no explanation is needed..however I am soooo tired of that damn LADY DAF platform.. let’s give it a rest.. IF GIVEN THOUGH .. I would still rock the shit out of them.. sitting of course.. everyone knows my walk in six inches is akin to a farmer picking potatoes HAHAHAH…!! Enjoy People..

GZ classic Snakeskin Bootie


As Big Sean would say : "Go on get ya some.. Go on Go on get ya some"!!!

Can’t forget OLD DIRT MC GIRT.. “SNAKES’..

I said it would be all things SNAKE.. lol..

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