surprise…surprise.. The horror on Halloween .. Kris and Kim .. call it a day..


Yeah we seen this coming.. and too bad for you Kris Humphries since you recently lost thousands of dollars in a BONEHEADinvestment..  and the NBA LOCKOUT IS STILL ON LOL..

Kris u had to know it was gonna end up this way boy.. YO DICK AIN’T BLACK ENUFF LOL..

and boo to Russell Simmons too talkin about ..”he is sending some love because his friend his hurting”..BITCH WHO.. they have not even finished unwrapping all the gifts LOL.  this bitch is not HURTING… she is at the bank now.. crying into her vault.. ENUFF..

I wonder when the DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS will be televised.  Perhaps Kim will cut up some more of her father’s shirts to include IN THAT TOO TIGHT SUIT she will don.. This is some bubble up bullshit.. and just wasteful.. SMH..


that was 72 days of Bullshit.. with the economy the way it is.. The Kardashians should just go away..wasting all that goddamn money for this farce.. SMH..

This was all the FAKE wedding they needed..

so she apparently filed divorce due to .”irreconcilable differences” *blank stare* the check must of cleared ..for more info on this bullshit..

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