Peaceful Journey Mr. Heavy D..

Wow and at only 44 years young .. SMH..

Dwight Arrington Myers- We got NOTHIN BUT LOVE 4 YA!!

First Smokin Joe Frazier.NOW HEAVY D.. . in fact.. we follow HEV on Twitter and he was just sending love to Joe Frazier just shy of 16 hrs ago. It’s really shocking.

I had the opportunity to build with Heavy D a few years back when I was working on a project with Dj Spinderella and Pete Rock.. He was very gracious, cooked a dope meal and I got to play with his beautiful daughter who was a baby at the time.. I sat in awe in his living room as He, Spin and Pete talked about touring back in the day and laughed until the wee hours about Trouble T-Roy while exchanging hilarious anecdotes about them all growing up together. The man was a comedian and a FINE actor. We were just discussing how he performed seamlessly at the BET Awards without missing a beat. Quite honestly he was the HIGHLIGHT of the damn thing.

I sat in his living room mouth agape, like wow.. when I was 14 you could have never told me that I would be breaking bread with the one and only Heavsta.. and that goes for Spin and Pete too.. That was an awesome day and I am glad I can reflect and store in my mental cabinet. He was a fantastic emcee, trailblazer, wonderful poet, thespian of both film and stage and just a down right endearing brother. I know that he was greeted at the gate by Trouble T-Roy.. as a B-GIRL.. i can honestly say .. YOU GUYS ARE MISSED..

Mount Vernon STAND UP.. .. Let’s Celebrate for a real one.. …

Some of Heavy D’s classics and collaborations after the kut

and who can forget the quintessential slow jam lol..

Ha.. and Heavy set it off with the MODELS in this video.. there is Cynthia Bailey.. Kim Porter pre Puffy, Rebecca Gayheart the Noxzema girl lol, Beverly Peele, Tomiko Frasier HELL THEY ARE ALL UP AND THRU LOL..

Remember Heavy’s group.. Soul for Real..

Self Destruction

of course Janet and Michael

Levert.. i believe this was one of the first times Heavy used the Didleee Didlee Dee..

these are just a few of the wonderful collaborations and joints Heavy blessed us with in his short life..

Bless Up to your family and loved ones.. You will be missed from both

SuperbNess and Beejay

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