What’s on in 2012

Alright .. 2012 is promising to deliver some watch worthy new series and specials.   Set  your DVR’s.

LUCK, starring Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Farina and Nick Nolte debuts on HBO January 29th.

This series profiles the lives of several people who are intermittently connected by a race track.  A behind the scenes vantage point will be used as the rarely witnessed world of horse racing is exposed through fictional prose

.   Dustin Hoffman stars as Ace Bernstein, a60 yr old ex-con who still seems to have the gumption to continue his “cons” post prison.   The show begins with his driver (Dennis Farina) picking him up after he is released from prison.

The series pilot debuted December 11  to huge ratings ;  it is rumored to be yet another cable network  smash for HBO.

Sundays on HBO 9PM.. basically Nucky Thompson’s old spot lol..

The Return of Spartacus .. yessss!!!!

We were devestated to learn that Andy Whitfield  had succumbed to cancer September 11, 2011.. We were in hopes that he would recover during “Gods of the Arena” and would of course return.   He was awesome and so young.. His work was impeccable.. he was fine and talented and will be missed.

RIP ANDY WHITFIELD you will be missed

Liam Mc Intyre  now dons the shield of the sword thrusting, ball bustin Thraician in Spartacus : Vengeance.. .. The story picks up where Blood and Sand left off .   As we recall the slaves  gladiators, “rose up”, killed ey’ry thang in the house and got to stepping.  A full blown rebellion has ensued and now Spartacus must lead the arena fighters through the battles that lie ahead.

The entire Roman Empire is shook as they fear the night that this crew of angry horny hungry ass gladiators greet them at their gates.  Glaber (Craig Parker)  is now praetor for the Roman Republic  and must put an end to Spartacus’s rebellion as it not only gives threat to his political position but also his very life.. He is on the move, having heard of the blood bath at the HOuse of Batiatus . He has every intention on finding and killing the rebels especially Spartacus, to keep the rest of the Roman Empire safe.   Most of the gladiators return like Crixus , ex Champion of Capua , Gannicus and the cat with the hobble.. The former Doctore, Oenimus (Peter Mensah) struggles with his loyalty to the Romans or the decision to ride with the gladiators since he trained of all them. He also mourns the loss of his wife and Gannicus’s betrayal.   Lucreatia actually survived the melee that went down at her compound but must now struggle and hustle to make it.   Well that is the basic gist of it, of course there will be the usual Blood , Guts, Entrails, Utterances in reference to or in reverence of Jupiter’s Cock, Beasty Sex Scenes, Murda, and Betrayal, and Mayhem.

.. WHEW.. Sounds like it is going down.. I WILL GIVE PURPOSE TO MY REMOTE AND GRACE IT’S PRESENCE AT THE  PURRING OF THE CROW.. that sounds like some shit Lurcetia would say … lol

We will meet on the ash Fridays at 9Pm on Starz

More shows like Shameless and House of Lies  plus a tribute to Andy Whitfield after the Kut

Shameless is back January 8, 2012

The Gallaghers SKANLESS asses HAVE RETURNED!!

It’s Summertime in Chicago and  Frank and his motley family are on the grind AGAIN!!.. I swear they hustle harder than Eightball and MJG.. I mean damn.. This season , join the family plus their neighbors, the bar  homies, and the rest of the Shameless posse as they beat the heat and the system ONCE AGAIN !!!

Sundays at 9PM on Showtime

Then enjoy the premiere of “House of Lies” 

Here is the full first episode of the series

Yes.. that is Don Cheadle and Veronica Mars .. I mean Kirsten Bell on the small screen .. lol

Explore the debauchery of corporate America as we follow Marty( Cheadle) and his team of consultants through a maze of dirt, secrets, lies , smoke and mirrors.  It’s hilarious check out the first episode..

Series premiere Sunday after Shameless on Showtime 10PM

Also returning are the usuals : American Idol,  America’s Got Talent NEW AND IMPROVED and complete with Howard Stern, the new musical SMASH on NBC (Steven Spielberg) Mad Men (at the end of 2012) and  FX’S Justified to name a few.. Keep it tuned to Bamboobanga420.com.

Bamboobanga(BJ) will of course be giving you a FULL “GAME OF THRONES” SITUATION .. later on as it returns in April of this year..

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