Azealia Banks….. fuck are u into huh ???

I’ma Ruin U Cunt!!!!! Yess

Okay so this chick has lowkey been on my radar since early 2010.. This 20 year old Harlemite hooked up with Diplo(uber-producer)  for the well received joint “Seventeen”, she later appeared on Major Lazer’s  (Diplo and Switch)“Lazers Never Die”(2010). She is currently moving to London to begin production on her yet untitled debut album.  Paul Epworth (Florence and the Machine, Adele) is producing the entire effort..  I AM THRILLED she is doing it the right way..

December of 2011, she nabbed third place in the BBC’s Sounds of 2012 poll.

She is primarily a singer but delivers rhymes in a Cookie Crew, Monie Love, M.I.A type steez that had me thinking she was from London, lol.  She is in fact from Harlem.. Wow.. I think Harlem is doing it right now..I mean Kelis has always been AWESOMEEEE, ASAP Rocky, sheeeit Dipset HA.. This young lady is ready to open up  a lane or merge into one that already exists by a few ladys (Rye Rye, M.I.A, Dynamite even in a way SantiGold) .  She is definitely something new and improved thats for sure. Check out her full interview over at Pitchfork.

she needs to link up with M.I.A’s homegirl Rye Rye and Do Work lol..

I love her sound .. she is definitely doing her part to push the artform forward… It’s authentic and funny and she is as cute as a button.. I say .. MORE AZEALIA.. now she can do a song with IGGY AZALEA lol.I mean she speaks of a “cunt being licked in the evening”, IGGY  just  flatout BOASTS  about her “P*&SSY,  so they can link up and do a song about their girly parts and thrust the Hipster Hip HoP scene into overdrive lol.. They should both get douche endorsments …

Check out her Tumblr page..

I haven't drank 40's with Creepers since 19 (okay let me not age myself lol)

More Info AND videos from Azealia Banks after the Kut

I really began to pay attention to Ms. Banks when she remade Interpol’s “Slow Hand“, (one of my favs) .. I of course was skeptical, fearing that she would offer some type of Mary J.Blige esque vocal run that might render appropriate for r and b shit but not effective at all with alternative..  lol. I felt like this sista might not deliver the right type of energy . But boy was I joyfully shocked.   She did it justice and I am happy that it looks like 2012 will be her year.  It should be noted that she too went to the FAME school .. Manhattan’s LaGuardia High School as did (Kelis, Nicki Minaj, Al Pacino), so she is also an actress and stage performer..She is about to be EVERYWHERE!!!

Azealia Banks …LiqouricE..”she lookin for them niggaz if them niggaz is rich” LOL..

4 thoughts on “Azealia Banks….. fuck are u into huh ???

  1. I swear this is some of the sickest shit I have ever heard in my life, GTFO of her way…..Its over for all the female emcees currently in the game. AND she can sing?

    All I have been listening to for the last 24 hours is this song!


  2. IT’S AMAZINGGGGGGGGG.. u rap bitches better get ready.. What are u gonna do when SHE APPEARS.. LOL.. HA


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