The Blair Kush Project… Heather Donahue

So… you ever wonder what the hell happened to the actors of “The Blair Witch Project”.  Me neither ,  however that film did create a new template for independent film makers to draft cheap yet effective flicks from.  We have thousands of movies now filmed with cell phones garnering $45 budgets and for that WE ARE THANKFUL LOL!!!

Heather Donahue was the snotty nose chick in the movie and her time in the woods clearly must have created a yearning for nature and dirt.   The former Thespian is now a full blown Nurse Greenthumb as she has settled in to the GREEN life as a POT FARMER!! Yes ..  she is surely one of us. You may wonder how all this took place, since the life of a Hollywood It girl and a kush farmer do not normally coalesce.

Growgirl , chronicles Heather Donahue’s transition from Hollywood lights to Nuggetown’s female KUSH seeds.   This memoir is not  a “how to” for “outdoor growing”  but more of an insightful and humorous look at the community that has become part of Heather Donahue’s  growth.  She deals with the ganja while taking risks , creating income, and dealing with regular female “coming of age” tableaus.  She is in her late 30’s, she is finding herself etc, etc. Check it out..  She has a really great interview over at LAWEEKLY.

Donahue will be reading passages from Growgirl at Book Soup (8818 W. Sunset Blvd)  on January 16 at 7PM

We see u Heather LOL!!

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