It is unfortunate that we have lost so many in the last 30 days.

We here at this blog cannot keep up with all of the untimely deaths that have occured within a 30 day period..   We clown and post things of a more “party” nature here at bamboobanga but TRUST we surely do feel the hole in the sky that has been made by some of our legendary ICONS.. The black community and the world as a whole have recently lost Etta James, Don Cornelius, and WHITNEY HOUSTON.. words cannot express..

We chose not to add to the blogosphere ,  material that was already out there  ad nauseum. We instead encourage you to go to the tried and trues like , ConcreteLoop, Crunk and Disorderly or the blog of your choice to get that full coverage ..then come back here and get into some of this art, music, and other stuff.. ..

All jokes aside though.. .. we did want to express our deepest sadness and our sincerest offering of  gratitude for these gems giving ALL of themselves so that we could be inspired.  Thank You.. and may your journeys be peaceful!!!!

We will miss Etta James, Whitney Houston, and Don Cornelius. We will not judge them for any missteps they may have taken in life,  but instead will bask in the contributions and body of work left for us to cherish FOREVER..So much has been said about these trailblazers and we decided that we would just keep it 100 and not get involved with the drama created by some of it.  We understand how tough these times are and how beautiful life is . So I guess what we could take from this is .. Live Each Day as If it’s your last.. and tell those that you love that you love them everyday.. Don’t wait .. We also learned that the media are some racist bastards too but that’s another post.. Whoo Saaa!!! Lighters Up.. PEACE!!

Here is a pretty awesome mash up ..Whitney w/ Rhianna.. No really it’s dope LOL..

Aww.. 😦

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