american weed premieres tonight..

Yes yet another series devoted to “the kine” … . Journey through Colorado’s medicinal marijuana wars… citizens for and against lock asses in the epic debate , “Should the shops be closed, are they hurting the community etc?”.  National Geographic gives us an inside look at everyone from the growers, shop owners, patients, and law makers who are positioned to express the pros and cons of the cannabis industry in their town.. .. I am always critical of these shows since they always end up being ANTI  especially fooling with National Geographic.  I did not appreciate their last foray into the ganja business it was very negative and did not show the positive aspects of the situation.. but .. we will give it a chance.. So Toke up and set your DVR’s if you are not at the rest..

American Weed National Geographic Channel tonight (Wednesday, February 22) at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Check for local listings


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