Today is Grace Jones Birthday.. she is timeless.. SHE IS LIFE.. SHE IS 64 !!!

Vintage Grace and Azzedine Alaia

if you are on the East Coast.. Grace’s bday was yesterday .. May 19, (1948).. We worship her each year.. and how awesome that she is A BULL.. and how much doper is it that she shares the birthday with MALCOM X.. both innovators and power movers..  Enjoy all the Grace of of it all from posts past.. BAMBOOBANGA HAS A FRIGGIN GRACE ARCHIVE BITCH HA!!

how awesome is this.. Grace and Jody.. I LIVE I LIVE I LIVE.. !!!!!

Photo courtesy of Ms. Jody Watley

Thank the GODS for GRACE. SIDENOTE: the next muhfucka that compares RHIANNA to Grace Jones.. will be found and FLAYED.. ahem as u were

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