James Pants.. – THIN MOON and 1988

…………The hell…… is a James Pants I inquisitively asked my boy.. I am sure I had heard his name vaguely .. but I SLEPT .. .. my son quickly put me up on game..LOL.. I FOOLS WITH this regular looking white man!!  Apparently this cat has been out since like 08.. Go figure .. he is a Stones Throw artist, was discovered by Peanut Butter Wolf and he is awesome!!  Apparently this is his THIRD album.. HAHAH .. How SUS do I feel..like.. “oh son , is this a new situation”.. SMH…

He is a mixture of electro boogie, like 80’s New Wave, a dash of synth pop .. Hell it’s a mash up installment of good shit mashed together to make BETTER SHIT LOL.. I really like this cat.. He also did a great remix to Tyler the Creator’s “SEVEN” , James remixed The Last Dance from the Bastard album and they are huge fans of each other.. IT’S WHAT THE KIDS ARE LISTENIN TO .. LOL..  Thanks Nak


To learn more about this fella take it over to StonesThrow.  Thin Moon right chea!!


Yes.. as  A MATTER A FACT.. I AM HIGH.. Enjoy the Muppet thingies.. lol..


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