We know about all the other fuckery going on….and so should you..

The blogosphere is a funny place.. and we hate  to repeat things that have appeared online AD NAUSEUM .. LOL..  Check some of our other blog patnas.. for certain ratchetness and some stuff that is not so ratchet..JUST NOT HERE LOL.. .. Some of this is just really not right… You know wrong shit .. Like this bitch in a Nirvana shirt..HAHAHAHA.. I SWEAR..

…because Trina really used to rock Nirvana..

Le Sigh.. So… Chris Brown ..Meek Mill.. and Drake.. are all dragging Rhianna.. Freshalina and dem got that .. lol..

Mary J. Blige.. says Hell Naw she hasn’t been using her charities to fund her Chicken Wrap dreams.. TMZ…

Game of Thrones .. adding more characters to next season .. PerezHilton

Yup.. The Zombie Apocalypse Is Upon U and it started in Miami??… SandraRose Check the NSFW PHOTOS OF THE VICTIMS..  it’s gross.. omg..

40 shot and 10 killed in Chicago over the Memorial Day Weekend .. Just Wow.. Bossip 

KidFury takes us to the front of the REVEL stage.. We love him..he is such a BabyDoll.. awww.. He has been changed…by Beyonce’ … 

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