Happy Bornday Kanye…

…through clenched teeth .. I say this .. LE SIGH.. I am not feeling this Kardashian and Kanye union.. it’s so fake.. but anyhoo.. here is what she allegedly purchased for his 35th bday .. They have been dating roughly a month .. discuss amongst yourselves.. That’s 750,000 yippers of bullshit right there!!

check below.. for Ye’s G.O.O.D MUSIC situation “MERCY”.. it’s dope..

We still fools with you though.. You are somewhat of a genius.. Oh yeah and before we forget .. here is a list of all of the stores that will have those Yeezy II’s They drop June 9th .. and there are all type of covert techniques that will be implemented to purchase these bastards.. WOW..  .. Thanks Complex..

2 thoughts on “Happy Bornday Kanye…

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