Umm..Lauryn.. I am gonna let you finish..but girl.. this is some bullshit..

LOL.. IJS.. Now let me preface this by saying..I am in no way .. supporting the IRS, I cannot deny nor confirm that their allegations in reference to Ms. Hills tax standings are true or false.. HOWEVER… Girl..

I am tired of this stance she always takes.. this  amalgamation of big words and rhetoric thrown together in a bullshit salad to SAY SOMETHING i guess about the ill will of the industry and the saftey of her family and the lowkeyness of her chakra’s and whatever the fuck.. YET.. We must address you as Ms. Hill and not look you in the eyes.. Now SISTAS.. HOLD YOUR HEADWRAPS TIGHT.. You are not going to like this part.. THIS BITCH NEEDS TO HANDLE HER BUSINESS.. no really .. if it’s false.. which I am more than confident that it could be.. .. then HANDLE IT.. if it is true .. THEN DELIVER THE YIPPERS.. damn.. see although I have always appreciated her talent.. I thought she was a NUT from Day one..that’s just me… and it’s ok.. I am crazy too hell.. but stop playing the victimized revolutionary who was just sitting back , riding Marley dick, reading the bible and learning those 3 chords on the guitar.. LOL.. Your fans love you girl.. just stay silent .. and handle your shit .. smh.. Here  (Lauryn’s mish mosh of a rebuttal , I guess) is the THESIS ..  We ain’t got room for all that over here.. on another note though: SHIT WAS ALL GOOD JUST A WEEK AGO !! Check out Nas and Lauryn’s Epic Summer Jam performance after the Kut

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