………and DJANGO was his name YO!!!

“oh ya’ll gone get together with Calvin in the bye and bye REAL SOON”……


OKAY.. first things first.. HAPPY NEW YEAR.. we were gone.. but now we’re back.. and what better catalyst to thrust us back into the blogosphere for 2013 but Quentin Tarantino‘s celluloid offering “DJANGO UNCHAINED .

The Story follows a bounty hunter( under the guise of “dentist”), Dr. King Schultz as he scours the Texas backwoods for The Brittle Brothers.  There is a huge bounty on their heads and he aims to acquire it.   He has no idea what the brothers look like , so he enlists the help of brother Django (Foxx)  to assist.  Django is found on the slave line marching barefoot through the woods on his way to a plantation.   Schultz finds the group, acquires Django  and adventure , murder and mayhem ensue.   Django agrees to be an assistant Bounty Hunter to Schultz as long as he gets to slide through Candyland Plantation and  rescue  his beautiful, german speaking  wife , Broom Hilda portrayed eloquently by Scandal actress, Kerry Washington  (there is a reason for the moniker ) ,who has been sold to the plantation as a “comfort girl”.    Together Django and Hildie.. suffered many atrocities at the hands of their slave masters and plantation workers.  The worst punishment , being separated, as slaves being married was strictly forbidden and their slave master was a HATER …django-unchained-poster-slice

If you are sensitive to the word NIGGA.. this is not the flick for  you it’s peppered generously throughout the movie. The word NIGGA , NIGGER or even NIGGALES (HERCULES) shall be heard every other frame damn near.  This did not deter SuperNess and myself however because we are Tarantino files LOL . The acting is superb , Kerry Washington was brillliant in her few scenes but the stars were undoubtedly  Christoph Waltz (Dr. Schultz)  and Samuel L. Jackson as “Stephen” , a real live Uncle Ruckus.. OMG .. he will go down in history as the most hated NIGGA on FILM since SPIT murked RAMO ..  forevah .. HAHAH .. I loved it!!!!django shooting

The movie was supposed to take place in 1858 , in the South ummm, us black folk were not exactly being treated nor spoken to with dignity nor were we called Sirs, Madames, or Queen and King  so.. I am just sayin… Tarantino captured the ruthlessness and dirty ways of most white people of that time.   Most of his films are gritty and uncomfortable in places but that is what make them so endearing .    If you left this movie feeling anything other than satisfied that DJANGO got his just desserts in the end .. My NIGGA you are just SUSS .. hahaha ..

For SuperNess and I ,  we both left the theater  basking in the spiritual glow of Nat Turner LOL , yes there are beatings, yes there is slave suffering, blood, and foul language .  Hell there is even humor , Rick Ross has a song in the damn movie , I mean it is a full SHOW .. Our message .. get blowed ..go see it ..

broom hilda

Don’t hate on the flick because a white man made it and it contains the word NIGGA .. You see how stupid that sounds.. Some of you act as if you had to return to Big Daddy’s Plantation directly after viewing the movie .. NIGGAS YOU ARE FREE for the most part .. You are not scheduled to bail any cotton in the forseeable future..so….Stop it.. and Spike Lee .. you are brilliant but go listen to same jazz and sit yo Mars Blackmon ass down.. (and before you start .. we listen to jazz here.. but this nigga SPIKE,  he needs to soothe himself)

See Ya at the Movies.. or IN  them .. LOL..

Summer of Sony 4 Spring Edition

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