chanos sabbath sign

Chano’s Restaurant across from The Sports Arena showing love to the KINGS..

Welcome back Stoners.. how have you all  been.. what have you been up to.. SuperbbNess and I have been chillin.. you know.. doing things like moving to different cities , tokin, and staying out of trouble LOL.. We also have been catching random performances and staying well satiated within the art and film communities during  our absence..   If you can tell by now we are slowly undergoing changes starting with .. the name change.. is the new joint.  We did this because we really want to cement our ties within the cannabis communities and felt it might be better to put THAT 420 at the forefront nymean LOL.. The page will go through alot more changes before this month is over but bear with us.     We will holler at you all about all of those QUESTS AND SITUATIONS at another time.. FOR NOW..let’s just enjoy the reunion  HA.. .. BUT FIRST THINGS FIRST… Guess what.. i went to see BLACK SABBATH BITCHES.. sure did .. Sabbath came to LA, Sept 3 and showed out , here at the Sports Arena, .. . I was so excited to find that the show was in the hood.. I live right up the street from The Sports Arena , so it was almost kismet THAT I BE IN THE HOUSE ..    Nak and I got our tickets pre sale months ago because IT WAS NOT A GAME. It was really important to catch these guys this go round because let’s face it, they are up there and Tony is fighting cancer.  I am not saying that to say that anyone is on the verge of death, merely stating the fact that these cats might not want to be touring nor be able to do so in like a few years… Take a trip with me to the show real quick .. after the jump…….   stagebowsabbath

Black-Sabbath-Wallpaper-575x431The ancient venue was packed.. and everything that a Sabbath show must have felt like in 1974. THE SHOW WAS EPIC. . The heat and the stage set up made it feel almost as if we were in actual HELL LOL..   The stage had three split screens where different random psychedelic images were projected like Betty Paige, demon ladies, women with goat heads, guns, vintage strippers, fire and often the band themselves with psychedelic imagery behind them.   OOH AND THERE WERE LASERS TOO… WOWWWW..but it wasn’t overkill , it was just enough to not be mad cheesy . Ozzy was moving , he is hilarious and kept tossing buckets of water on the audience, which in that blazing heat was much appreciated .       I  enjoyed Andrew W.K.’s dusty ass deejaying in the beginning for like 30 min.. to get us turned up.. NOTHING LIKE A LITTLE RAININ BLOOD to get you ready FOR SABBATH LOL..  Andrew finished his set, I think with some Blue Oyster Cult and then it happens,andrew wk we hear that familiar laugh/cackle emanating from the speakers and EVERYBODY STANDS THE FUCK UP ..THE OZMAN COMETH.. aaayeeeeeee….. WAR PIGS.. OMG.. did they really start there.. THEY DID.. and the lashes kept on coming… from; Into the Void, SNOWBLIND, Faeries in Boots,  the popular classic Iron Man.. It was truly amazing. I cried real tears LOL.. just like all Sabbath fans though of course there were certain joints I wanted to hear like “Killing Yourself to Live”, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, the entire VOLUME 4 ALBUM but hey .. I was still satisified.  I thought that it  was dope that the concert was held at  the raggedy ass Sports Arena which by the looks of it , ain’t hosted shit since Uncle Jam’s Army!! andrewwkdeejayIt was HOT AS A BITCH up in there too.. the smell  of white people’s wet hair, kush, and beer wafted through the venue as if it was 1974.   The crowd was so mixed and excited. I had a helluva lot of fun just  pondering each audience members back story .   You had , Bill from accounting , clearly a member of the audience at The California Jam in 74, drunk , singing loud , and proud in his newly minted “13” T-shirt ; happy that Joan let him out of the house for this ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT.   Have at it “Bill” take your life back and pull that Volume 4  8track up out of storage LOL.. Stop “Killing Yourself to Live” man .. hahahaha..  Let’s not leave out our Latino bros with EXTRA , long hair , wet and thrash ready,  sans ( ok that’s WITHOUT)  the “white people hair smell” LOL.. They were there smoking good , draped in their Slayer and Cannibal Corpse T-shirts respectively and caught up in the moment.. There were old people , young skaters, ex  hippies, granddads, meth heads, burners, Metal Nerds, Nu metal whores, OLD METAL WHORES , bikers, cholos,  a itty bitty amount of black folk… .. and then ..THERE WAS ME.. Black Woman ,  41 , joint hanging askew, singing every fucking word to BLACK SABBATH,  It made me transcend the fear of getting old, of being left behind with the corny shit that’s popular nowadays, Geezer, Iommi, and Ozzy made me welcome MY SIXTIES (whenever those bitches come..I am not close ahem).. bring that shit on.. I will be awesome LIKE THEIR OLD ASSES.. hahahaa.. I was also  totally  stoked to be sharing this moment with my 19 yr old son and his homies.. yeah.. I am THAT MOM.. Not cool because I am trying .. but AWESOME .. because I am .. I wish I had taken more pics but I was soooooo fucking blown away .  To follow is GEEZER’S LIFE GIVING BASS SOLO… OMG.. Behind the Wall of Sleep into N.I.B

Ozzy may not be able to walk from my keyboard to the mouse but god damn me he worked that stage like he was 22 again.. well… in between little geriatric lamb skips.. BUT . WHO CARES.. IT’S OZZY .. .then there was the axe GOD..TONY IOMMI, I can’t believe THAT man is fighting the fuck out of cancer and still handling that instrument that way .. NO.. AND IN A LEATHER HOT ASS LONG COAT.. He was doing allll of that .. with cancer, TWO MISSING FINGERTIPS remember.. and I WAS THE ONE.. sweating like A whore in church….Geezer set my soul free with his infamous bass riffs served heavily and continuously “as if this was not his first rodeo”LOL   He showed his ass on “End of the Beginning” from the current Platinum wielding 13 album and of course Black Sabbath and War Pi….. “you get the damn picture”.. he was golden on EVERYTHING..  lol.. NOW.. i will admit .. i have been salty all the way about this Bill Ward Thang.. I mean.. WE GOTTA HAVE HIS DRUMS RIGHT ..or it ain’t Sabbath… Enter Brad Wilk.. a more than capable.. drummer rendering his services for the production of 13.. He drums for RATM, he fit the album, Good shit Rick, I approved.. I can dig it.. but we gone have Bill on the tour right.. RIGHT SHARON??? BUELLER.. ok no.. well WTF..Tommydrums .Well this damn Tommy Clufetos really did flex in Wards steed lol.. I mean Gatdamn..this fool had like a 10 min drum solo.. THAT I ENJOYED..THROUGHLY.. He did his part.. he is not new.. he has played for Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Ozzy and Sabbath to name a few,  prior to 2013’s tour.. He is a superstar we all know who the hell he is and didn’t doubt that he would kick ass.. but shit.. I wasn’t prepared for all of that .. HAHAHAHA.. SORRY BILL.. sheeeeittt.. I was dying because I remember a quote from Ozzy last year stating that Ward was in fact “too fat to tour with Sabbath”.. HAHAHAHA.. Tommy looks as if he HAS NEVER ATE.. feed that man.. HE NEEDS A STEAK .. PRONTO.. nah but real talk he is so talented.. and hairy .. I think that’s a prerequisite to drum for Sabbath.. your hair work must be GRIZZLY AND ABUNDANT.. for I was impressed with Clufetos’s coif and beard game.. just like Bill and Wilk all hairy men..ok but I digress..

THE FULL 7 MINUTE DRUM SOLO..Intro to IRON MAN!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!   He had to do it.. You know we were salty about WARD hahaha.. ( thanks to Edward Flores for uploading and recording to Youtube) black-sabbath2

THE SHOW.. this fucking show.(sigh) marked the end of the Northern American tour.. They gear up and start the South American leg ,.  Oct 4, in Santiago, Chile  Estadio Monumental , so I hope you have your tickets lads and ladies, senors’ and senoritas’ .. because IT WILL BE GOING DOWN.. Now,  I know you wonder.. beej.. it’s totally like a week since that shit happened .. why are you so late..  Well , this wasn’t a professional concert  review..  this was a “welcoming you fools back so let me floss about SABBATH type of deal” ya DIG.. It also was a look into how the band made me feel “LIVE” and what an awesome experience it was for me as A FAN.. If you want a “review” take that ass to The Los Angeles Times or some shit.. BITCH (Jessie Pinkman voice) …HAHAHAAHA .. We critique trees over here , sometimes albums, sometimes gear .. BUT.. We will never critique SABBATH.. . Ozzy could have come and shit on the stage a la GG Allin and I still would praise that shit as if it was the best invention since air… IT’S BLACK SABBATH .. I MEAN…

0 R

bLACKSABBATH VINTAGESidebar: On some real shit , I think it is really shitty how you go to the Black  Sabbath website and they have everything positioned to where Bill is in NONE OF THE FLICKS.) 0_0   . not even the old CLASSIC JOINTS.. Sharon, bitch I know you are behind this shit.. I have not yet forgiven you for fucking up Maiden’s EDDIE during Ozzfest that  year and now you fucking with Mr. Ward . It is truly amazing that ALL of these cats are still alive and PLAYING WELL.. and you fucked up the COMPLETE DREAM  by doing that ole “business” shit to Bill.. The split should have been four ways evenly .. THAT IS IT!!!!!  You can’t erase Bill Ward from Sabbath.. WTF are  you guys thinking?  Let me go smoke now my nerves are rattled.. SMH.. (cues  Planet Caravan)

No Bill Ward


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